This is a range VFX package. Can be used in RPG games, area damage, blood increase, etc.


URP is now supported!

  1. Including 20 different VFX, very good visual performance.The content is not much, but the price is cheap and well-made.
  2. It is very suitable for RPG similar games, such as blood increase, area damage, lightning, flame, frost and so on.
  3. Support all rendering pipelines, built-in, URP, HDRP.
  4. Support mobile platform, optimized for mobile platform. Out of the box, there is no need to adjust any content for rendering pipeline switching.
  5. Clean directory structure without any other content
  6. Support all versions of Unity 2019 and later
  7. Long-term support, one purchase, all updates are completely free.


Please add Unity official: Post-processing, Bloom together to achieve the best results.


If you have any questions, please contact:, we will give feedback quickly. Very welcome.


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