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Anti Repetition Mesh Paint is a landmark painting tool that supports disorder. Can be applied to any grid. The mobile platform is very friendly.

Provide content:

  1. Provide disorderly texture tiling
  2. Support 4 basic textures and up to 4 normal textures
  3. Support highlight, point light source, support baking
  4. Support the height, let the sand sink into the stone, and provide the picture quality
  5. Support the mobile platform, test the mobile platform, the performance is very good
  6. Support a variety of brushes, can accurately control the size and strength of the brush
  7. Support unity2018 and later versions
  8. Long-term support

If you have any questions, please contact:, very welcome, and must be answered every day.

  1. Provide 4 test textures
  2. Provides a test noise texture
  3. Provide 2 shaders
  4. Provides 10 brush styles
  5. Two main scripts are provided
  6. Provide a test demo, including scenes, shaders, etc.
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