Cartoon programmed grass, very beautiful!

Support Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, other platforms have not been tested

One time purchase, free upgrade forever.

This is a brand new version, different from the URP version

  1. Out of the box, the whole program is generated, very simple, the interaction between the characters and the grass is good, please watch the video!

  2. Can act on any grid and terrain, independent rendering

  3. This version of the standard rendering pipeline is newly designed. URP is not supported, please visit:

  4. Support gloss, color can be fully customized, and random colors are currently available!

  5. Adjustable wind speed and intensity

  6. Support adjustable LOD, obtain higher performance on demand

  7. Support IOS Metal rendering

  8. Random height, custom height and width

  9. Customize lower body color and upper body color

  10. Complete brush tool support, which can be added, moved, and modified

We will provide long-term stable updates, technical support and timely problem feedback. Contact:, welcome!

Note: The test model involved in the video and screenshots is not included.

Due to the content of the documentation, we built it into the package body, please refer to: Documentation.pdf file.

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