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1.1.0 version update:
Fix the problem that Build Windows, ios, Android cannot display grass.

Compatibility note:
All platforms need to set Rendering in “Other Seetings”, select “Auto Graphics API for Windows”, and tick it. If you do not check this option. You need to choose according to the following instructions
Windows: Only Direct3D11 is supported, others are not supported,
Mac and ios platforms: Metal is supported, but OpenGL Core mode is not supported
Android: supports Vulkan, supports OpenGLES3, does not support OpenGLES2

how to use?

Note:Believe the document, please read the offline document inside the package!

The brush will create grass based on all existing mesh objects, so please keep some things in your scene first, such as:

  1. Create an empty object and create a material, and assign AppsTools/Grass/GrassCompute shader to the shader
  1. Drag CartoonGrassPainter.cs and CartoonGrassComputeRenderer.cs onto the newly created empty GameObject

  2. On the CartoonGrassComputeRenderer component of GameObject, add shader and ComputeShader designation: GrassCompute

  1. You can check OverrideMateerial,And adjust the color,Then use the brush in the scene.
    When you select your grass GameObject, move the mouse to any Mesh, you will see a brush

Please create a new GameObject and drag the PlayerMove.cs script to this object. Then you will see the following picture:

You can move the character at runtime, and the grass will interact.

Bug fix:
How to fix the problem that cannot be displayed after Build in version 1.0:
Question answering: Please find the CartoonGrassComputeRenderer.cs script, and put all the content in the OnValidate() function at the beginning of the OnEnable() function.

thanks for watching

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