how to use?

  1. Create a new game object containing RawImage.
  2. Create a new shader, specify: “AppsTools/UI/Dissolve Book” shader to give the shader
  3. Assign the material to the Material property of RawImage, as shown below:

The following is a description of some shader attributes, which can be adjusted according to them to achieve different effects.

_MainTex 2: Second texture
Tint: additional color
Is Dissolve?: Is it dissolve, if you choose, one side will disappear
Noise: noise texture
Noise Strength: Strength information of the noise texture
Flip Transition: Information representing excessive reversal
Horizontal Gradient: Whether it is horizontally excessive or not, and only one of the vertical gradients can be selected
Vertical Gradient: Whether it is vertical or horizontal, and only one of them can be selected
Transition: Excessive specific value, very important
Edge Width: the width of the transition edge
Edge Color: color information of excessive edges

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