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How Do Use?

Note: You need to add the official Post-processing plug-in to achieve the content shown in the screenshots or renderings, or better.

  1. First, create an empty object or an existing object, and then create a shader. Add AppsTools/Edge_Dissolve_Outline_3D_Art to give shader. You get the result. It is roughly as follows.

Note: This shader is affected by the skybox. If the skybox is rendered behind the target model, the performance will be unfriendly. if not. That’s all normal.

The demo we provide is as follows:

Due to copyright influence, we did not provide the model described in the promotional image, but you can achieve similar or better results by adjusting the parameters.

Our shader provides the following parameters, let us introduce them in detail:

MainTex: Basic texture
Color: additional color of the main texture
Ramp Texture(RGB): is a gradient texture, which can simulate cartoon effects
Aura Color: Aura color
Rim Color: outer luminous color
Outline width: Outline width
Outline Z Dis: The outline z determines the depth at which the outline can be displayed
Noise Texture: Noise texture, which determines the way of disturbance
Noise Scale: noise texture scaling value
Speed OffSet X: X offset speed
Speed OffSet Y: Y offset speed
Noise Opacity: The intensity of noise
Brightness: Brightness information
Rim Edge: Edge contour information
Rim Power: Information on the intensity of external luminescence

Finally, nothing else, we mainly implement this method through shaders. very simple. You only need to adjust the parameters to achieve the effect you want. Finally, for better results, please add the official Post-processing effect to the camera.

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