This is a very easy to use and simple applicator plugin, similar to a scratch card, with comprehensive functions and simple settings.


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All documents are built into the package body. We will update the documents in the package body every time it is updated to keep it up to date.
The official website only displays expected updates and bug fixes.


  1. Real out of the box, add components, drag and drop the camera, you can complete it. So Easy.
  2. A variety of brushes are provided, and you can add more brushes you want. You can set the density of the brush.
  3. Support smearing and adding functions
  4. Support Mesh, UI Image, SpriteRenderer.
  5. Support all rendering pipelines, Built-In, URP, HDRP.
  6. Detailed documentation
  7. Provide webgl demos, videos, screenshots, and documents.
  8. Support IOS, Android, WebGL, Windows, MacOS,VR.


Long-term support, if you have any questions, please contact:, very welcome, we will reply within 24 hours.

WebGL Demo:

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