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Generate code directly from excel, and get all the contents of the table at runtime, fully automatic.

  1. Support excel export to text text.

  2. Support excel export to c# code, provide to Unity for use.

  3. Support excel export into c++ code, provide to c++ server for use.

  4. Support excel export to lua code, provide to lua hot update code use.

  5. Support excel to export into java code and provide it to java server for use.

  6. Just two steps, easy to get.

  7. Only one line of code initialization is required to access the contents of all tables.

  8. The tool will automatically generate all the fields in the table and turn the fields in the table into variables in the code. All writing will be automatically type converted, no need to convert again in the business code.

  9. The tool will automatically generate multiple interfaces for each table, access the entire table, access one row according to the id, or access one row according to the index.

  10. Two types of arrays are supported, which are automatically generated without manual segmentation.

  11. The detailed operation manual is very simple.

  12. Complete source code.

Supported types: int, float, string, bool, double
Array support types: int[], float[],string[],bool[], double[]

Parsing data, high performance, the same data is at least 10 times faster than json deserialization.

This version has been tested and iterated by our developers and is very stable.

Long-term support, if you have any questions, please contact:, very welcome, we will respond quickly.

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