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Orthographic cameras are not currently supported


  1. Out of the box, very simple, no complicated settings
  2. You can control the color, intensity and depth of Fog.
  3. Support URP and SRP, even on URP without any additional settings
  4. Compatible with Unity Fog
  5. Support Android, ios, Windows, Mac and other platforms
  6. Support Unity2017 and later versions

Long-term support, if you have any questions, please contact: appstools.net@outlook.com, we will respond quickly.

  1. No settings are required, just create a new shader, and then add a shader: “AppsTools/Fake Fog”

  2. Create a new Plane object in the scene and assign the shader in the first step to this Plane. You can refer to Demo

  3. Next we will explain some parameters:

Fog Color: Represents the color of the fog. The Alpha value is effective. It can be used with Intensity to determine how the Fog behaves at close range.
Intensity: Represents intensity Fog information

Thanks for watching, let’s use your imagination!

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