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Only one line of code is required to read and record GIFs with high performance.

  1. Load Gif with high performance. Multiple gif files can be loaded at the same time. Can load quickly, occupy low content, and decode fast.

  2. Only one line of code can be loaded, convenient API call, very simple. Out of the box.

  3. The API has been thoroughly tested and is very stable and fast.

  4. Reading gif supports alpha.

  5. Support recording screen and save as gif. Support alpha culling. You can control the recording quality, size, fps control, duration control, rendering camera control.

  6. We provide fast after-sales service and long-term support.

  7. Support all versions of unity2017 and later.

  8. Support all rendering pipelines, URP, HDRP, SRP.


If you have any questions, please contact:, very welcome.


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