Using this “Mesh Subdivision” tool, you can save Mesh or SkinMesh as fbx while retaining UV and bone weight information.


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  1. Use the CPU to perform “Mesh subdivision” in the editor, without Shader support. In this way, you can save the “Subdivided Mesh” as an FBX file.

  2. It can be used on SkinMesh and Mesh.

  3. Keep UV information and bone weight information.

  4. Support multiple Mesh operations at the same time, so that they can be exported as a whole. This is important because many characters may have multiple parts and they use the same set of bones.

  5. Support the simultaneous execution of SkinMesh and Mesh. For example, some characters have independent weapons.

  6. Complete operating documentation.

  7. Support all versions of Unity2018 and later, and support all rendering pipelines.

  8. It can only be executed in the editor environment of Windows and Mac.

  9. You can export the obtained new Mesh. Note that the export needs the support of the “Unity FBX Export” tool. Please download it in the editor

We are not responsible for exporting to FBX files, please use the “Unity FBX Export” tool to cooperate.

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