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This plugin contains complete source code!

If you are looking for a way to interact between Unity WebGL and this machine, such as reading local pictures, text, audio, video, and any binary files, or saving in Unity
Pictures, text, binary and other resources to this machine, the plug-in is the best solution. We have a high-performance reading method for you to interact between WebGl and this machine.
High-performance reading and writing, supporting large file reading and writing to the machine
1.WebGL reads native image files.

  1. WebGL reads native audio files and video files.
  2. WebGL reads native text format files
    4.WebGL reads any binary file of this machine.
    5.WebGL writes Unity internal pictures into the machine.
    6.WebGL writes the text file in Unity to the machine.
  3. Very fast processing method, and can support the reading and writing of large files.
  4. Support most major browsers.
  5. It can be run on the editor.
  6. Very complete source code with detailed comments.
  7. Fully support IL2CPP
  8. Support save files, read files, open folders

API documentation:
We provide English and Chinese documents, very detailed

Unity 2019-2020.2

Latest notes:

  1. When building, you need to use “Build” to name the folder in the pop-up window of Unity. Otherwise, you need to change the reading method in the code according to your current naming(Detailed: you need to modify index. html file, “Build/” and other related codes). In addition, we will update to remove this restriction.
  2. For Unity2020 and above, you need to use: WebGL Template choose to use “Native Temp2020”

The developer provides:

  1. Long-term plug-in support, only need to be purchased once, after which the upgrade is permanently free
  2. We will iterate more stable and reliable versions based on the existing version and user feedback
  3. Contact us:, we are very happy to receive your email, and we will promptly feedback the emails we receive every day.**
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