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If you are looking for a perfect ChromaKey, then here is your best choice, providing the most complete functions and solutions.


  1. Out of the box, Chroma Key based on GPU Shader, high performance
  2. Support IOS, android, webgl, windows, mac, VR/AR platform, test passed
  3. Provide 3 culling colors
  4. Support real-time shadows, support lighting, support point light sources
  5. Can be used in UI, Video, WebCam and other ways
  6. Support the adjustment of color scale, gray value and saturation
  7. Support transparency, support horizontal and vertical offset
  8. Support edge detection, remove edge color or cover new color
  9. Very suitable for human video
  10. Complete source code and comment information, clear code, complete demo
  11. Long-term support, free forever for one purchase

How to use?

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