The poison-style VFX is very suitable for RPG-like games with good quality.


URP is now supported!


URP, Standard, HDRP, are now supported and perfectly adapted.

  1. Including more than 100 poison-style VFX, more follow-up updates. Professional style.

  2. Including: poison ball, trailing, casting, hitting, continuous blood drop or increase blood, slow down, skeleton, arrow special effects, burst, recovery, poison blisters, multiple breaths, spurs, and other similar effects.

  3. Android and IOS mobile platforms have good performance.

  4. Suitable for 3D and 2D games

  5. It needs to be used in conjunction with post-processing to achieve the best effect, please add Unity built-in screen post-processing plug-in.

  6. Good directory structure, very clean, without any disturbing content.

  7. Long-term iteration and timely feedback.


If you have any questions, please contact:, we will reply within 24 hours.


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