The Perfect RPG MMO 3D Effect VFX Pack


If you have purchased several of our works and found problems when importing them, or cannot import them normally, please contact our email address in time and we will assist in solving them in time.

2.0.0 version update instructions:
Please delete the previous content and re-import the new resource. This can also avoid the existence of messy content.

Update 1.2.0 Upgrade to solve URP display problem

Update 1.1.0 version:
About URP: We have built a zip in the shader folder. Unzip it and switch all shaders in the shader folder. URP can be used normally.

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This Pack includes 280 completely different special effects for professional skills, high quality and perfect, which can be used in any similar games such as MMO, RPG, MOBA, etc.

You can use them to generate a variety of variants, covering almost the entire range of skill effects in the game, which is definitely worth the money!

Including a variety of different styles of skill effects:

Explosion, healing, slashing, fireball, arrow, fire magic, ice magic, poison, freezing, dark, sacred…Explosion, healing, slashing, fireball, arrow, fire magic, ice magic, poison, freezing, dark, sacred…

Features and functions:

  1. All special effects are optimized for mobile platforms with high performance

  2. Support LWRP and standard rendering pipeline

  3. Provides a preview scene to quickly view all special effects

  4. Can be used in 2D and 3D scenes

  5. Free upgrade after one purchase

  6. Clean and clear project and directory structure, all contents are well classified

  7. Provide all shader support for special effects

  8. Support all versions of Unity 2018.4.30f1 and higher

Performance description:

Triangular: Each effect is less than 1000 triangular in average.
DrawCall: less than 15
Content description:
Buff Effect:41 count.
Drak Magic:27 count.
Archer Effect:6 count.
Berserker Effect:18 count.
Fire Magic:26 count.
Holy Magic:58 count.
Ice Magic:51 count.
Universal Cast:17 count.
Warrior Effect:33 count.
Shader: 6 custom shaders

About URP:

Attention should be paid to the use of URP:
Need to be turned on in the General settings of URP: Opaque Texture

We provide two scenes, one is the URP scene and the other is the normal scene.
If you switched to URP, please use URP scene
There is a URP shader in the Shader folder, please unzip it and overwrite all the shaders in the existing Shader folder
Note: Please do not perform shader replacement inside Unity, please operate in an external folder, and then activate Unity after the operation is completed

If you have any questions, please contact:, we will solve it for you as soon as possible. welcome!

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