1. Provides 50 different forms of special effects Prefab, including:
    multiple beams
    multiple fireflies
    teleport columns
    flame embers
    false light
    flowing light effects
    broken effects
    multiple butterflies
    multiple fallen leaves (falling flowers)
    Shining stars
    fake lights
    multiple rune effects
    falling snow, etc.
  2. Support standard rendering pipeline, URP, HDRP.
  3. Specially optimized for mobile platforms, high performance.
  4. Out of the box, more than 20 demo scenes are provided.
  5. Support unity2020 and all later versions.
  6. Clean directory structure, without any messy content.

Long-term technical support, we are committed to becoming a top Unity resource developer, providing developers with long-term and timely after-sales service

If you have any questions, please contact:
appstools.net@outlook.com, welcome

URP is now supported!

Instructions on the use of HDRP and URP:

The URPDemo folder contains all URP Demo scenes. You need to install the Unity URP plug-in before you can open the scene. You need to replace all shaders in the Shader folder before opening the scene in URP.
There are no special instructions for HDRP, just follow the regular HDRP steps to configure. There are no additional steps.

All VFX Prefabs support HDRP, URP and built-in rendering pipeline.

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