If you have purchased several of our works and found problems when importing them, or cannot import them normally, please contact our email address in time and we will assist in solving them in time.

Fix import issues

URP already provides support
Fix the Demo scene display bug

About URP:
Attention should be paid to the use of URP:
Need to be turned on in the General settings of URP: Opaque Texture

URP shader considerations:

In our package body, there is a file. Please unzip and replace all files in “RPG VFX Particles package 1\Shader folder”. Because URP needs special shader support.

RPG VFX Particles package 1 is now available, high-quality particle effects, very suitable for RPG similar games!

170 different performance effects, very suitable for RPG, MMO, MOBA, ARPG and other similar games.

Includes lots of general purpose effects: explosions, eerie, fire, blood/liquid splashes, magic, electricity, attacks, injuries, freezing, buffs, arrows, bumps, etc.

Works on both mobile and desktop/consoles

Works in 2D and 3D

Works with the built-in and URP (2D & Forward Renderers) pipelines

Optimized custom shader with lots of effects (UV distortion, dissolve, shadows, lit particles…)

Camera shake and animated lights, with in-Scene View preview

HDR effects that play nicely with bloom post processing

The mobile platform is very friendly

Create variants in a few easy clicks

Good directory structure, all content is unconventional.

Long-term iteration and launch of similar new content!

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