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Fix the Demo scene display bug

About URP:
Attention should be paid to the use of URP:
Need to be turned on in the General settings of URP: Opaque Texture

RPG VFX Particles package 1 is now available, high-quality particle effects, very suitable for RPG similar games!

170 different performance effects, very suitable for RPG, MMO, MOBA, ARPG and other similar games.

Includes lots of general purpose effects: explosions, eerie, fire, blood/liquid splashes, magic, electricity, attacks, injuries, freezing, buffs, arrows, bumps, etc.

Works on both mobile and desktop/consoles

Works in 2D and 3D

Works with the built-in and URP (2D & Forward Renderers) pipelines

Optimized custom shader with lots of effects (UV distortion, dissolve, shadows, lit particles…)

Camera shake and animated lights, with in-Scene View preview

HDR effects that play nicely with bloom post processing

The mobile platform is very friendly

Create variants in a few easy clicks

Good directory structure, all content is unconventional.

Long-term iteration and launch of similar new content!

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