This is a complete set of close-range attack VFX, very suitable for fantasy RPG games.

  1. Two sets of colors are provided, and each set of colors provides more than 70 visual effects. A total of nearly 150 Prefabs are included.

  2. Provides various directions and styles of knife light, a variety of special effects, explosions, skill casting, whirlwind, ground, spikes, claws, etc.

  3. Without any other settings, the directory structure is very clean.

  4. Support unity2020 and all later versions.

  5. Specially optimized for mobile platforms with good performance

  6. URP version is coming soon, free upgrade, one purchase, all updates are free forever.

Long-term support, if you have any questions, please contact:, very welcome, we will give feedback quickly, within 24 hours.


URP is now supported!

Author:admin  Create time:2021-07-26 09:31
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