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Super RimLight is a high-quality external luminous extension tool that allows direct effects in the form of shader parameters. It looks great. You only need simple settings to achieve the desired effect.

how to use?

We provide some default parameters, and you can check the effect through the default parameters. Then, we provide some of our examples, through the combination of different textures and parameters, you can get kaleidoscopic effects. It all depends on your innovation.

Next, let’s take a look at what the example provides!

Be sure to install “Post Processing” before use!

We have many parameters, but each parameter has its unique role. Let’s find out now!

Shader attribute description:

Globalopacity(Global opacity):Global opacity: control overall transparency
_Maintexture(Main texture):Our main texture
_Maintextureintensity(Main texture intensity):Used to control the strength of the main texture in the whole, the larger the stronger
_Mainpanningspeed(Main panning speed):It is a Vector4, which indicates the direction of the uv offset of the main texture.
_Invertmaintexture(Invert main texture):Do you want to reverse the main texture?
_Maincolor(Main color):Overlay color of the main texture
_TessValue(Max Tessellation):Max Tessellation is a sneak value
_TessMin(Tess Min Distance):Small direction value
_TessMax( “Tess Max Distance”):General direction value
_TessPhongStrength( “Phong Tess Strength”):Strength information of tess
Edgecolor(“Edge color”):The main color of the edge, very important
Bias(“Bias”):Overall intensity shift
_Scale(“Scale”):Scope of action
_Power(“Power”):Power is a decreasing value
_Innerfresnelintensity(“Inner fresnel intensity”):Fresnel intensity information from the inside out.
_Outerfresnelintensity(“Outer fresnel intensity”):Fresnel intensity information from outside to inside. Opposite to above
_Secondarytexture(“Secondary texture”):This is a second texture used to attach to the surface
_Secondarytextureintensity(“Secondary texture intensity”):This is the intensity information of the second texture.
_Secondarypanningspeed(“Secondary panning speed”):It has a speed, which is used to control it.
Invertsecondarytexture(“Invert secondary texture”):Same as above, whether to reverse it
[HDR]Secondarycolor(“Secondary color”):Additional color of the second overlay texture
Enabledistortion(“Enable distortion”):Whether to activate the distortion effect.
Distortionscale(“Distortion scale”):The intensity of Distortion can be understood as weight.
_Distortionspeed(“Distortion speed”):This is its speed.
_Extraroughness(“Extra roughness”):Extra roughness, used to add an extra layer of effect.
Enablepulsation(“Enable pulsation”):Whether to turn on pulsation
Pulsephase(“Pulse phase”):pulse phase information
_Pulsefrequency(“Pulse frequency”):frequency is used to control how often.
_Pulseamplitude(“Pulse amplitude”):Represents the magnitude of the amplitude.
_Pulseoffset(“Pulse offset”):offset is a relative position information change value.
Enablenoise(“Enable noise”):Whether to turn on the noise
_Sharpennoise(“Sharpen noise”):Sharpen means Sharpen.
_Noisescale(“Noise scale”):Noise size information.
_Noisespeed(“Noise speed” ):speed information of noise


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