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how to use?

Create a new game object and a shader, select the “AppsTools/SuperSnow” shader

If you need snow to take effect, you need to add at least one Snow Ramp texture. We have built-in multiple high-quality snow textures that can be provided for you to choose from. Of course you can also make it yourself.

You can see the specific snow effect by adjusting the parameters. The following is a specific explanation of the parameters.

MainTex: main texture information
Color: additional color information of the main texture
Snow Angle: Snow angle information, supports multiple angles
Snow Color: color information of snow
Snow Top Color: color information on the top of snow
Rim Color: outer edge color information
Main Ramp: You can attach a gradient texture to the main texture
Snow Ramp: This is a gradient texture of snow
Rim Strength Color: Represents the intensity information of the outer edge color
Snow Strength: Represents the strength information of snow
Snow Prominent Height: We provide height arching, or lifting the model, so that it looks more realistic

Well, there are many parameters you can adjust, let’s use your imagination!

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