1. Good visual performance of Ambient Occlusion, currently does not support URP and HDRP, mobile platform can be used, but requires certain performance consumption, support ios and Android
  2. Support Ambient Occlusion color adjustment, depth adjustment, distance adjustment, and range adjustment.
  3. Support adding blur to make Ambient Occlusion look better
  4. Support different quality adjustment options
  5. Happy and ready to use, very simple, no complicated operations
  6. Support all versions of Unity2018 and later

If you have any questions, please contact the email: appstools.net@outlook.com, we will reply within 24 hours at the latest for long-term support.

How Do Use?

1.Create a new scene, then select the camera, and add the SuperAmbientOcclusion component to the camera, as shown in the figure:

We provide some simple parameters for adjusting specific visual performance.

Color: Used to adjust the color of SuperAmbientOcclusion, you can fill the synchronized color to the colored position.
Is Blend Color: Whether to blend colors
Radius: Represents the range interval, the larger the area affected, the larger the area
Max Radiu Pixels: Differences will be made on the pixels in the sampling interval. The larger the pixel, the more even the distribution.
Declination: Indent the overall sampling, which is also the scope of sampling
Intensity: Represents the intensity of Ambient Occlusion
Complex Rebound Affect: used to amplify the scope of influence
Far Dis: The maximum distance that Ambient Occlusion can affect
Min Dis: The minimum distance that Ambient Occlusion can affect
Clarity: If blur is turned on, this value will affect the clarity of blur
Super AO Quality: stands for quality, the higher the quality, the more complicated the calculation
Jitter Info: Jitter pixels, you can choose 4 or none.
Noise: represents the calculation method of noise processing
Variance: variance calculation rules
Blurry Info: colse will turn off blur, other options can choose the range of blur

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