1. Use out of the box, no complicated settings, very simple, cartoon cloud supports three-directional vertex animation, creeping, and animation displacement based on noise texture
  2. Support adjusting the overall color, top color, bottom color
  3. Support edge light adjustment and edge color adjustment
  4. Support for offsetting vertices in the outer direction. And intensity adjustment
  5. Support both SPR and URP modes
  6. Support mobile platform IOS/Android, mobile platform friendly
  7. Built-in 3 cloud models

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how to use?

We have prefabricated three kinds of cloud grids in the Models folder, of course, you can also use your own.

Create a new game object, and then specify the cloud Mesh, roughly as shown in the figure:

You need to add shader to cloud material, add “AppsTools/Toon Cloud SRP” or “AppsTools/Toon Cloud URP”, it depends on your rendering mode, we support SRP and URP.

Let’s take a look at the parameters below:

Main Color: main color information
Noise Tex: Noise texture, mainly dealing with cloud animation
Toon Cloud Top Color: Toon Cloud Top Color information
Toon Cloud Base Color: Toon Cloud Base Color information
Toon Cloud Rim Color: Toon Cloud Rim Color information
Toon Cloud Rim Power: Power Information of Edge Light
World Scale: World Scale parameter
Offset Speed X: X axis information representing the displacement
Offset Speed Y: Y-axis information representing the displacement
Offset Speed Z: Z axis information representing the displacement
Noise Height: the height of the noise bump
Noise Emission Strength: noise luminous intensity information

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