Toon Interactive Water is a cartoon-based water interactive “ripple” solution. Based on this scheme, you can transplant it to any other water shader.


URP is coming, free update


  1. Support the key “ripple” effect.

  2. Support multiple roles to interact and influence each other.

  3. Easy to transplant to any other water shader.

  4. URP is coming soon, one-time purchase, free update

  5. Support basic interaction and “ripple” interaction.

  6. Support mobile devices, optimized for mobile devices

  7. Support unity2020 and all later versions

  8. Detailed operation documents, demo demonstration, long-term support

If you have any questions, please contact, very welcome, we will give feedback quickly.

Document description:

The documentation is integrated into the package body and kept up to date with each version update. Thank you for using it.

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