Toon Iron Chain Interactive provides a complete set of chain solutions, easy to interact, and the cartoons are beautiful.

  1. Multiple demos are provided to help set each attribute of the chain completely.
  2. A cartoon shader is provided, which is very beautiful.
  3. Provide interactive scripts.
  4. 8 chain models are provided, each model has a chain set up and can be used directly.
  5. It can be dragged, and can be used as a swaying bridge chain.
  6. Support mobile platform.
  7. The directory is clean, without any additional content.
  8. Complete tutorial
  9. Long-term support, stable update.

If you have any questions, please contact:, very welcome.


URP will be supported soon, free updates, so stay tuned!

Instructions for use of documentation:

The usage documents are integrated into the package body. We will keep the use documents inside the package body up-to-date for each update. Thanks for using.


The sharpness of the screenshot is not high, which does not represent the final quality.

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