1.4.0 - 2021.10.05

  1. Fix the problem that “Picture Pure Color Outline” cannot be opened and closed.

Contact email: appstools.net@outlook.com

UGUI OutLine And Gradient Effect is a tool to help you beautify UGUI strokes and gradients, making your text and pictures more beautiful.


  1. Provides a very beautiful ui outline function, they are much better than unity’s built-in effect
  2. Support text gradients in different directions up, down, left, and right, and you can also adjust their weight
  3. Support pictures for gradient
  4. Support for strokes on pictures
  5. Component/UI/AppsTools can be added directly out of the box
  6. Provide complete documentation
  7. Support Unity2018 and later versions
  8. Long-term maintenance, continuous update, if you have any questions, please contact us by email: appstools.net@outlook.com, welcome!

See how to use:

The number of fixed points cannot exceed 65536. This is due to the limitation of unity. Please forgive me not to adjust the parameters too high!

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