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new version update:

1.2.0 update

  1. Optimize performance issues.
  2. Optimize the organization of Demo.

URP and HDRP are now supported.

2021.09.11 Document revision:

Due to the 2.0 version update, the current online document is no longer available, please visit the offline document to get the latest content.

  1. The first step is to create a new scene and find your GameObject with a Camera component.
    Add the UGUIMatteCamera component according to the figure below.

UGUIMatteCamera provides a controllable parameter: maxUpdateFrames, which represents the refresh rate. The higher the refresh frequency, the more real-time, but the higher the performance requirements.

  1. In the second step, click Create/UI/AppsTools/UGUIMatte to create a new UGUIMatte object.

UGUI Matte provides four parameters, which need to be explained:

Mixing: Represents the degree of excessive background and Image Source Image.
Saturation: represents saturation adjustment
Intensity: Represents the intensity adjustment of brightness
SubVert: Represents the over-reversal of SourceImage

By adjusting different parameters, you can achieve all the effects presented in the demo. We also provide multiple rounded corner templates for your convenience in development.

Thanks for using!

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