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VideoPlayer, specially developed for WebGL, supports all browsers, Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, etc.

Supports all versions of Unity2017 and later.

This is the most comprehensive WebGL VideoPlayer supported. All platforms and most browsers have passed the test. Including the very difficult IOS Safari.

Principle: Through the encapsulation of html standard functions, it can satisfy almost all platforms to play videos.

Support: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac and other platforms.
Support: Most browsers are supported.
Support play, pause, continue, change sound effects, adjust speed, get total time, get current playing time, destroy current video, etc.
Support multiple video playback at the same time, such as live broadcast and other needs are met.
It can be supported without Https.

Note: Please use a remote server for testing, do not use localhost for testing.

It does not depend on any other plug-ins and third-party tools, and is fully implemented internally.

Contains all the source code, you can make more adjustments and extensions according to your needs.

Supports all rendering pipelines, HDRP, URP, SRP, etc.



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